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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

First it was Gun Shaped Pop Tarts, now it's Smartphone Gun apps.

Military Veteran Reportedly Kicked Out of Nursing School Over Gun App on His Phone | TheBlaze.com

Two issues here to talk about. First the fact that an app is considered as dangerous as a gun. Second the only places you'll find this story covered is theblaze.com and a couple of other military/Veterans issues web sites.

This is why 2nd Amendment advocates are so concerned about seemingly minor infringements on the 2nd amendment. It's the proverbial slippery slope, and in fact we are in mid-plummet. It's no longer just a 2nd Amendment issue. It's a freedom and common sense issue. We not only have to be VERY carefull with firearms, but we need to be careful what shape we chew our food in and what sounds our smartphone apps make. It's indefensible.

Secondly - why is it that this outrageous foolishness is only covered on theBlaze.com and a couple of small veterans issues web sites. Doesn't someone who is pro gun control view this as foolish, destructive and unfair? If not, it only further legitimizes the concerns of the 2nd amendment crowd that we are being victimized by the foolish and dangerous anti-gun pc culture.

Bang Bang! I just violated the terms of the blogging site I use. What happens to me now? The Gulag?
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