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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pre-Crime Technology To Be Used In Washington D.C.

Pre-Crime Technology To Be Used In Washington D.C.

They are going to have their hands full with Congress and the crim... bureaucrats there!

When the going gets tough, the tough get taxed!

Bagels With a Slice of Tax | NBC New York

Be prepared for more very tough tax enforcement as the economy continues to struggle. Governments will not voluntarily bite the bullet and make the necessary changes in spending that are required in times like these. They will always tax more first.

That's one of the reasons the elections this fall are the most important in generations. If we don't get fundamental change this November in the way the governments work in our country we may never turn things around. Vote for tough responsibility, not feel good platitudes, they don't pay the bills.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Insanity is Enough to Drive You Crazy

LA unveils $578M school, costliest in the nation - Yahoo! News

California is imploding and LA proudly unveils the ultimate in fiscal/generational crime. I am astonished at the wildly irresponsible behavior of our Governments and authorities reported every day. What does the future hold? How much more insanity can be displayed? At some point they've got to run out of room to push the boundaries of crazy irresponsibility. Don't they?

Good news is, at some point they will be held responsible and we'll have massive undeniable evidence of the extent of their crimes.

Governments appetite is insatiable!

Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 for a business license | Washington Examiner

Sad thing is it turns upstanding, law abiding citizens into criminals. Governments must pay their employees (unions) and if the choice is putting you out of business or themselves - doesn't take a rocket scientist to know who will get the short end of the deal.

You make $50 in three years and Philly says you owe them $300. No, doesn't make sense, but it doesn't have to. You comply or go to jail. That's the power we have given them and now that times are really tough they are using it. Won't be the last story you hear of outrageous injustice against citizens. Next one may be you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interview with one of America's Greatest Thinkers

Conservative News, Views & Books - HUMAN EVENTS

Thomas Sowell's straight thinking, straight talking common sense is so clear and powerful I am reminded of Fredrick Bastiat's "The Law". They both present things you mostly already know, so clearly, so powerfully that it's like you just finally got it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Those Voices Don't Speak For the Rest of Us"

Power Line - "Those Voices Don't Speak For the Rest of Us"

It doesn't get any better than this...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Harvard University fund sells all Israel holdings - Globes

Harvard University fund sells all Israel holdings - Globes

I've posted a couple of entries in the last couple of days that address the increasing expression of mainstream anti-Jew bigotry. Recently many noteworthy people, media outlets and institutions are exposing their racism. Often with surprisingly transparent anger and resentment

In nearly every instance the hateful bigotry the perpetrator rationalizes it with cliches of Jewish domination or abuse of some victim or another.

Here's yet another example, though much more subtle. The absence of any explanation on the part of Harvard creates it's own suspicion about their rationale.

Good news is sides are being chosen and we are informed more each day about who our true enemies are.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canary in the Coalmine: Europe’s “Decoy Jews” | The Brussels Journal

Canary in the Coalmine: Europe’s “Decoy Jews” | The Brussels Journal

It's good to know that not all Europeans have fallen for the modern progressive line. This sad story tells of the resuscitation of mainstream anti-Jewish thought and action.

The site has much interesting content from the seemingly oxymoronic European Conservative perpective.

Peter Robinson with Michael Barone

Conservative News, Views & Books - HUMAN EVENTS

Great series of videos presenting the lessons we have or should have learned over the last 50 years in politics in America. I love the Internet!

Christian life and character of the ... - Google Books

Christian life and character of the ... - Google Books

The more I research and learn, the more I discover how wrong I have been about my own culture and country. All of the anti-American and anti-religious pablum I have been fed all my life has been hooey. Admittedly I have been a willing victim of this ruse. But no more.

Out of print for more than a century, this book details the history of Christianity and the civil institutions of America. Difficult to argue with, it's got to be the ACLU's worst nightmare.

A challenging read at 819 pages, it's a compelling story that echoes DeTocqeville's experiences and impressions in America just a couple of decades before.

Required reading for any 21st century American patriot.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Reliving Ancient Bigotry - Again

Pajamas Media � Was Shimon Peres Right about Britain Having a Problem With Jews?

I am not really surprised at the hatred and bigotry described in this article. Interesting how America's closest cultural and political allies can be so incredibly hateful. I have experienced reactions nearly as extreme in my own discussions with very sophisticated, bright, educated people. It's completely disarming. In fact, at first I always think the offender is attempting to play a bad joke.

Just proves once again that elite education, profession and culture often produce the most bigoted, hateful and sometimes violent human beings. Education, success, status and money are no substitute for intelligence, integrity and morality. Ever.

The really surprising aspect of this story is the incredible lack of common courtesy, professionalism and self-awareness on the part of the hateful bigot. Usually they are sophisticated enough to pretend to be more humane than that.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One of the most compelling videos I've ever seen!

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For

This gal tells it like it is in the most rational, common sense and compelling testimony I've ever seen. A must see...