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Monday, February 07, 2011

Conspiracy Nuts Nightmare

Federal News Radio 1500 AM: FCC: Presidential emergency alerts to be tested

We all saw how well the EAS worked on 9/11. I am not sure how relavent the system is anymore. We'll see how people react to the expanded use of the system. The conspiracy theorists will be breathless. More propaganda potential from the chief executive.

The question I always ask myself with any policy change, is how would the media have reacted if G.W. had done it. The answer is always the same...

Friday, February 04, 2011

Hearing the Voice of the People - Not in America

The Hypocrisy of President Barack Hussein Obama - Egyptian vs American Protests

There's a lot of talk by American politicians about political leaders in other countries hearing the voice of the people and respecting their wishes. Too bad it doesn't apply to the people in the US who were promised that the American Federal Government would be transparent, allow debate, place proposed bills on line for citizen review, and various other commitments to be inclusive, non-partisan and tolerant.

Instead we got secret closed door meetings where the opposition was literally locked out, accusations that peaceful citizen protesters were violent and hateful Nazis and a revolutionary health care take-over bill was rammed through without debate and without legislators even reading the bill. Outrageous!

When will American opposition be afforded the same serious consideration by our President and his supporters that they insist be given to Egyptians? It better happen soon, or they will find themselves in the same situation Mubarek is in. On the way out!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Woo Hoo!! Not every one is in their back pockets!

U.S. Adminstration In Contempt Over Gulf Drilling Moratorium, Judge Rules - Bloomberg

Read this story! A second judge exists in America that has the guts to rule according to law, rather than capitulate to political correctness and pressure from the administration. The power of political intimidation in our current media and culture is overwhelming. It takes great strength and integrity to fight it. Most don't have it. Apparently 2 do. I almost don't believe it.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Approaching the Tipping Point

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel'

The situation in Egypt further underscores the historic catastrophe approaching. The evil ones are telling us what they will do. Yet we continue to disregard and excuse it.

The troubling situations we find ourselves confronting are not Israel vs the Arab world, it's not free health care vs no health care, it's not economic freedom vs economic slavery. It's as it always is, no matter how convoluted or unmanageably complex it seems: good vs evil, or less starkly, decent vs indecent. No matter how you express it we cannot continue in willful ignorance without continuing to pay a increasingly dear price. We must decide which side we're on and fight fiercely now, or else.

Al's Journal : An Answer for Bill

Al's Journal : An Answer for Bill

The circular arguments by the Lefties are incredible when it comes to Global warming. According to them ALL climactic and natural phenomenon are attributable to global warming which makes intelligent analysis and discussion impossible. The foolish proponents of these strange mental processes view those who are skeptical as at best unsophisticated and at worst, evil.
Here's a video presenting a completely contradictory position by the global warming proponents from just a few years ago. To the Global warming enthusiast the contradiction makes perfect sense and anyone unable to understand that is dense. Facts, logic, evidence are all unnecessary when the forces of political correctness are arrayed against you.