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Monday, December 27, 2010

Goerge Orwell's verison of Global Warming

Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming - NYTimes.com

In Animal Farm George Orwell illustrates the twisting of language and meaning to manipulate the animals to go along with the Pigs (the smartest and best of animals).
The Pigs are doing it again. Hot is cold, good is bad and taking the fruit of your labor is letting you have more of it. Like the irritated gal in the State Farm ad says, " You make my head numb!".
I hold the Pigs in contempt - how about you?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fundamental shift in global power

Fresh humiliation for euro zone as China says it will bail out debt-ridden nations | Mail Online

I am studying Chinese and Spanish. That way I'll have all the options covered. I'll be able to speak fluently with my local officials in Spanish and my Federal and International officials in Chinese. Besides, it's good for the brain to learn multiple languages.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Perhaps the Smell of the Devil?

U.N. security council evacuated due to suspicious odor - CNN.com

The foul stench of a typical gangsta org. I don't even think Bush was scheduled for an appearance.

'Barney Miller' star Steve Landesberg dies - CNN.com

'Barney Miller' star Steve Landesberg dies - CNN.com

I really enjoyed the show as a kid and Steve was my favorite character. Rest in peace my friend...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When Pigs Fly....

Switzerland considers repealing incest laws - Telegraph

Next thing you know they'll have men marrying men! Oh wait...
Interesting isn't it - just how foolish man continues to be. Proves that science and intellect are not the most important factors in human advancement.
Modern man is in need of radical remedial assistance when it comes to common sense and moral clarity. We are in big trouble because we have become so sophisticated and nuanced that we no longer can think clearly and make healthy judgments about the most basic life issues.
God help us.

What happened to the Open Flow of Informaton?

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange asked judge to keep his bail address secret | Mail Online

Typical hypocrisy of the anarchist. The price of anarchy is dear, but the cause is worth the price, unless the anarchist has to pay it.

Assange should be dealt with fairly, but VERY aggressively. The price he will make all of us pay is far too dear.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Contemptuous Generations poised for Contempt

Berkeley may pass resolution honoring Army private who gave classified docs to Wikileaks | Washington Examiner

We've raised and educated 3 generations of Amercians to hold America and it's values in contempt, and now, as the infamous Reverend Wright has said, "those chickens have come home to roost!"

Anarchists, Socialists and Secularists all disguised as journalists, civil rights activists, religious leaders and enlightened politicians are bit by bit disassembling modern civilization in pursuit of utopian egalitarianism. I think a significant motivation for many of this ilk is no more lofty than childish public temper tantrums in rebellion against their parents and all they stand for. You know the type,"I am owed these things because I am!...and I'm not shutting up until I get it!"

We are smack in the middle of a cultural world war that has not yet degraded to a war of violence, although it may ultimately do so. I'm hoping we can find enough traditionalists who recognize reality and can muster the courage to face it and fight. Capitulation in pursuit of peace is not the answer. Peace without victory is slavery.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Jaw-dropping image of enormous 'supercell' cloud in Glasgow, Montana | Mail Online

Jaw-dropping image of enormous 'supercell' cloud in Glasgow, Montana | Mail Online
These images are some of the most incredible I have seen since Hubble. Particularly impressive because they are terrestrial. Click and see.

Va. judge dismisses challenge to Obama health care - Yahoo! News

Va. judge dismisses challenge to Obama health care - Yahoo! News

This decision means that the rationale used by the Federal Government in America to control whatever it wants can be used to regulate absolutely every single aspect of American citizens life.
One would have to be on a remote farm with no electricity, phone or Internet, be completely self supporting and do no business with anyone anywhere. Oh, and you'd never be able to travel anywhere at any time, or use any fuel for anything. Then, of course your choices NOT to participate in "interstate commerce" would effect interstate commerce and thus subject you to unlimited Federal control anyway. These guys don't get it and will stop at nothing to consolidate power in the Federal Government. Any limits they may have are purely voluntary (and only temporary).
It's amazing to me just how overt and transparent they now are. There is no longer any attempt to mask or mitigate the appearance of the overreaching power grab from Citizens and States. Except for the "Interstate commerce" and " promote the general welfare" clauses the Constitution is no longer even an issue. They repeatedly flaunt their disregard for it, and denigrate anyone who even brings the fact that it may be a limitation on Federal power. We will need to remain VERY resolute and not get caught up in the frustration of losing a few battles. WE MUST win this war.