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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Liberal leaders - who's the real enemy?

A brilliant scholar, author and academic, Paul Kengor has just released
his new book, "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the fall of Communism".

In it he describes the attempts by Ted Kennedy, John Tunney and other American Legislators to defeat Ronald Reagan by enlisting the help ofthe Soviet Union. This was at the height of the Cold War in 1983! Did it never occur to them that they were colluding with the enemy?! The facts are clear and substantiated by KGB memos and other Soviet diplomaticcommunications between Moscow and their ambassador to the US.

I wonder how much press the story will get in the mainstream media. Of course they have still not let go of Foley and need of Republican leadership to pay the price for one mans misdeeds. Let's see how aggressive they get in pursuing Ted Kennedy et al, and demanding their leaderships' resignation. It would not be possible for the mainstream media to be aggressive enough. Leaving aside Kennedy's history of letting a young woman die in 5 feet of water, it's now clear he's also guilty of treason. Literally! What will it take for Democratic leadership and their PR arm, the American mainstream media, to demand his resignation? Let's see who calls for an investigation in pursuit of the facts and appropriate punishment for this astonishing betrayal of us and our country. As a former Democrat, I am deeply ashamed of my support of these anti-American Quislings.

I used to believe that the difference in opinion between Liberal and Conservative leadership as honest political and policy disagreement, but it's become clear to me that the liberal leadership in this country have lost all American perspective and are willing pawns of any and all Anti-American forces within and without America. Including those who have declared war on you and I and kill American soldiers everyday.

Kengors book will give the mainstream media the opportunity to prove what they always breathlessly proclaim: that they are not biased. Of course they will fail. They have been on the enemies' team for decades. Paul Kengor will be labeled as a right wing religeous freak, who can't be trusted, so the facts don't matter. Let's watch, learn and see if I am wrong.

Let's not let this fade away. A report on these facts was done in the London Times in the early '90's. It never got legs. Things have changed since. We now have the Internet, it's blogs, Talk Radio and Fox News added to your voice to help in the battle of truth and justice.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Important YouTube news you won't hear about...

The brilliant conservative commentator Michele Malkin had her video commentaries removed from YouTube by YouTube's management. Her videos were removed and her account terminated for "offensive" content.

I believe that the Internet's most powerful effect on our culture is the ability of alternative information to flow around the world mostly unfettered by elite journalists who have traditionally had monopolistic control over news and information in the conventional media. We now have bloggers who have repeatedly shot down fraudulent stories by those journalists, and have had huge effects on elections, media companies and their content.

Now we have elitists in Internet media, attempting to take control over the Internet in the same fashion that CBS and their partners in the former "Big 3" did in TV after World War II.

The only mitigating factor in this outrageous power grab is the very Internet they are attempting to control has such low barrier to entry, that alternative broadcast channels will undoutedly allow her to publicize her videos and the foolishness of YouTubes decision.

Hopefully the incredible power and resources of YouTube and their new parent Google will not be able to squash Malkin.

When I heard of this censorship. I couldn'believeve it. Malkin is a very professional commentator, and while controversial, is hardly offensive in the conventional meaning of the word. If Malkin is offensive, then YouTube is itself offensive and should be shut down. (97% of YouTubes content is at best frivolous and often grossly offensive). If this ridiculous attempt to quash political speech weren't so important, I would laugh at the sillyness of YouTube management's judgement.

I hope Malkin can utilize her contacts in the media to publicize her plight and generate enough heat on YouTube to have them reverse their decision.

Let's help! Click here to send an e-mail to YouTube expressing your thoughts on the subject. Let's not let this battle in the political war go to the elitist censors without a fight.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Katrina Truth - Shame on the Media!

I was listening to Dennis Prager on the radio today. One of the most fair and thoughtful hosts in the history of talk radio. For those of you unfamiliar with Dennis, to say he's a restrained and careful communicator is definitely an understatement. His motto is, "I prefer clarity to agreement." He takes great pains to present each side of the story, usually greatly exaggerating the time allotted for the side he disagrees with.

I say all this to recommend a story by that "politically inflamed" hyperbolic media outlet known as Popular Mechanics. Dennis referred to a story run in March 2006 that addresses the facts of Hurricane Katrina, and it's aftermath.

It is an astonishing story to read. The positive aspects of the tragedy have been totally ignored in mainstream media. Really makes them look VERY bad. I've been jaded for years on the media as the result of all of my research and "info-obsession". But this story exposes surprising journalistic irresponsibility in the mainstream media even in light of my prior utter contempt for them.

You must read it! The link is the title above. When are they going to get it? There are reasons they are loosing audience. The fraud this article uncovers is a big one.