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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama Exposes Tragic Black Culture

One of the painful benefits of the uproar over Obamas preacher's sermons is the belated confrontation with the incredibly destructive culture of superstition that has overtaken the Black community.

We've been aware for years of Farrakhan's wacky "mothership" and Egyptian theories, but have always thought of him as a marginalized wacko. As a boy I was raised for several years in the ghettos of Washington DC and learned first hand of the incredible superstition that is increasingly taking over cultural and political thought in the black community.

While this abusive school of thought is professionally promoted by leaders in the Black community, the sad victims of it are those in the Black community itself.

I hope that the overwhelming publicity the Jeremiah Wright comments have received, and the fact that a mainstream Black Church in Chicago that is attended by a man who could potentially become the President of the USA could be used as such a powerful tool in the promotion of such a destructive mindset will open the eyes of ignorant whites and African Americans tired of the stereotypical victimization of the Black community by their own.

Organizations like BOND and it's leader, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, and precious few Black celebrities like Bill Cosby have in recent years gained a voice, but have still been pooh-poohed by the mainstream (mostly white elitist) media, and made enemies of the Black community by those in it's leadership. I hope these painful but beneficial exposures continue and eventually power a revolution among those in the Black community against those in Black leadership victimizing them. Our Black brothers and sisters desperately need it and certainly deserve it.

I can only pray it will happen sooner than later.