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Monday, July 20, 2009

40 Years of Progress?

40 years after the moon landing in 1969 and we haven't much to show. A lot of entertainment choices we didn't have in 1969, but the steel industry, electronics industry, textile industry, auto industry and even the aerospace industry are all but gone from our shores.

When will we get the fight back? The drive, the positivity and willingness to risk to progress? Not any time soon I'm afraid. This is so reminiscent of the '70's it's incredible. We can't even pay for our own doctors services. We can't build a fence on the border, and we can't tell the folks in D.C. that we've had enough. What a weak, pitiful people we have become.

Are you ready to fight back? Offend some people and even make a few mad? That's what it's going to take you know - and then some.

America could build a fence to the moon if we wanted too. That's the America I know and love!

Lifelong Remininces on Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite was one of the traditional cultural icons of my life. For many years he was THE source for "accurate" information about the state of the world. He was on the introduction page to my first set on Encyclopedia authoritatively saying, "and that 's the way it is", thereby certifying as absolute truth all of the information contained in those tomes. At least in the mind of an incredibly knowledge thirsty and gullible 5 year old.

Then I began to see him on the evening news, talking about the horror of the Vietnam war, and the outrageous mistake that it was. He commanded respect just by being on TV as "THE" CBS News anchor. I wasn't sure why, but knew it was true. Every evening at the end of his broadcast," and that's the way it is," sealed the deal. There was no question, no doubt. Cronkite said it - it was so!

Now many years later he has passed from this Earth, and my perspective is no longer that of a gullible 5 year old. Or even 20 or 30 year old. I have learned, much to my disappointment that Mr. Cronkite was quite a dishonest fellow. The Nation, Society and Culture he was charged with impartially informing, was one he hoped to fundamentally change through his work because of it's outrageous flaws. Flaws that justified dishonorable and misleading editorials about the war, the state of America, our enemies and the World.

We've since learned that Cronkite was an Internationalist that viewed traditional Americanism as a destructive force. No less destructive than Communism, Fascism, or any other nefarious political force. A force that could potentially prevent the Internationalism he so valued. The American people he sought to propagandize each evening were in a very real sense his enemies. Little did we know, so innocent and believing were we, that we were the only thing standing between him and the traditional American values he so despised.

Little by little, night after night, we were pounded gently into submission. American patriotism was unsophisticated and wrong. America was a destructive force throughout it's history, rather than the freedom, prosperity and health engine we had been so ignorantly been taught. It's founders were evil, ignorant slaveholders rather than brilliant freedom loving people flawed by traditional racial beliefs held by nearly every culture since the dawn of man.

My purpose is not to dishonor Walter Cronkite, but to further expose the truth about him and others like him who have for the last 50+ years sought to undermine the values that have made America the greatest force for good in the history of the Earth. His fundamental misunderstanding of human nature, history and the practical requirements of law enforcement(internationally and otherwise) make his views VERY difficult to take seriously. Serious or not the damage has been done. Here's a taste courtesy of Youtube. You'll hear it right from the horses mouth and can make your own judgment.

Dr Dave

Friday, July 10, 2009

Gov't's Blatant Exploitation of the Rule of Law

Just another self defeating move by another Government entity exploiting their power and ignoring the rule of law.

The cost to LA and California is staggering and won't be addressed until it's too late. Lib's and bureaucrats are still ignoring the facts and aren't likely to wake up until California is a wasteland and there's no one left to exploit.

We have built our entire modern Government and bureaucratic system in this country on the fundamental idea that we can exploit at our whim those who are the producers. We extort more of the fruits of their efforts and risk taking, through greater and greater taxes, regulatory costs, and political demonization. We are reaching the threshold where business people are forced to make the decision to flee in spite of the relocation costs and personal affection for La and California. This flight response is not limited to California. The same has been happening for years in Southern Arizona. Businesses laugh when approached with the idea of relocating here. It's almost, but not quite, as anti-business an environment as California.

Come on folks, this is getting serious. We must throw out those who are trying to destroy our prosperity and freedom, no matter what party they're in!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

DOD Will No Longer Support Dangerous Celebration

No matter where you stand on participation of DOD resources on events, this is a perfect illustration of just how upside down the world is.

The DOD has recently insisted on Islamic sensitivity training INSIDE the DOD, but discontinued the fly-overs of this patriotic celebration after 42 years. Isn't the imbalance clear?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gutsy Brit Gets Away with Journalistic Suicide

Our Presidents weakness is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter only worse. His lack of seriousness is frightening. I've been talking about since before the election, and making enemies by the boatload doing it.

Our enemies sniff out weakness like my Ridge-back hunting rabbits. They exploit it instantly and completely. They will push the envelope as long as we don't give them strong reason to stop. When we do, they will. It's no coincidence that the violence in Iraq has recently escalated...

Here's a British journalist that is committing professional suicide, unless the atmosphere in the UK is a little more accepting of serious, critical analysis than our own country. This guy tells it like it is. 

Read the article and tell me what you think.

A Refreshingly Rational Palin Analysis

I am so used to the whacked out Palin hatred in the MSM, that I was shocked to read this response to a readers question by Camille Paglia of Salon.com.

She accurately summarizes Palins weaknesses and her strengths. She accurately and with cool analysis, characterizes her lack of high-level, professional political advisors as both a problem and a part of Palin's charm.

She then takes to task the "Northeast media complex" that so viciously and with a complete lack of dispassionate professionalism, repeatedly attacks Palin over the most trivial issues.

I suspect we will, in time,  find that Paglia has been a disgruntled Dem for some time, and has begun to turn. One can only watch and excuse the insanity for so long. It can happen to the best of us. Even me!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin Surprises Again

Sarah Palin surprised everyone, fan and foe alike, with her announcement today that she would not seek re-election as Governor of Alaska.  But to resign as of the 26th of July to avoid participating in a destructive "lame duck" administration has prompted wild speculation in the Press about her personal weakness and/or pending scandal.

Like G.W. Bush, the secret to understanding Sarah Palin, requires listening to her words. The text of her speech makes clear her rationale, and as odd as her resignation may seem, underscores her independence, strength and commitment. Want to know why Palin is resigning? Just read her words.

Whether this radical step will be the end of her effectiveness as a politician is yet to be seen. Surely the Democrats and their comrades in the Press will attempt to use it as a bludgeon to ensure that it is. This only legitimates her claim that she needs to leave the office of Governor of Alaska to allow that State to avoid being collateral damage in the political war against her.

Sarah Palin is consistently underestimated by the press, her political enemies and even those in her own party, but it's clear she has considerable support among the American population, including me. Let's "hope" she has an "audacious" plan to defeat her critics and leverage her incredible personal appeal to un-"change" America.