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Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain-Khalidi ties exposed!

News Releases - IRI Statement Regarding Work with Palestinians

Here's the official story on McCain's connection to Rashid Khalidi. Wish Obama and the LA Times would be as open...

LA Times Glaring Hypocrisy

The Same LA Times That Sued to Open Jack Ryan's (Divorce) Files Covers for Obama

I had forgotten about this story. Further proof that the LA Times commitment to integrity and fair play may be primarily connected to it's political interests.

During Obama's 2004 Senate race in Chicago, they sued to have his Republicans opponent's sealed divorce court records released. I think they should do the same now. Sue their source, or their management to have the video released. Can you sue yourself?

What's good for the Democrat is good for the Republican. That's fair, right?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LA Times is an organization of integrity...

McCain campaign accuses L.A. Times of 'suppressing' Obama video - Los Angeles Times

The LA Times has refused to make public a video of Obama at a function praising Rhashid Khalidi. Their rationale according to this story, is the commitment it made to the source to keep it in confidence. Sounds good right? What a strong, committed, values based newspaper.

My question is this: Why accept the video, if it cannot be used? What purpose does it serve? Just puts the paper in a potentially compromised position. I wouldn't take it, unless I intended to make the decision after viewing it, and it really wasn't a question of a commitment to confidence.

Would the LA Times make a similar decision if soldiers lives were at stake and a story needed to be suppressed? What do you think?

The Times is in the tank for Obama just like 95% of the rest of the MSM. I hope I'm wrong, but I've seen no reason to believe otherwise.

The matter could actually hurt Obama, because the imagination of the public is likely to be much worse than the real tape. If it's so bad it cannot be released, it must be REALLY bad!

I'd like the LA Times to use the same sort of discretion that it would with matters of national security and release the tape. It's not like we really believe it's such a high integrity journalistic source anyway. Their credibility is shattered by their reporting everyday.

Pilgrim's Perspective on our Economy, Politics and Modern Life.

Mourt's Relation Or Journal of the ... - Google Book Search

As often happens with me I begin thinking about an issue and end up way out in left field on a seemingly unrelated topic.

I started pondering today's economic crisis, Obama's and McCain's histories and campaigns, and the world's military and political situation. I ended up on "Mourt's Relation" and studying the Pilgrim's arrival and survival at Plymouth. The result of the unbridled chaos of the Doctor's mind.

What I found was an amazing story of the first failure of Socialism in the New World, an incredibly faithful people, and a strong community completely incapable of whining and victim hood. We would not be here if it were any other way. I am proud to be descended from that community.

Please read it. The language makes it interesting, if a little difficult to read, but there's much to learn. The basic concerns of man haven't changed much in 400 years. Spirituality, family, community, prosperity, justice and liberty. The struggle for the balance of power and freedom. The allocation of truly scarce resources. The tension of real world chaos and religious idealism. And the absolute necessity of integrity and character in leadership.

It really put our current situation in perspective for me. What a beautiful world, great country, wonderful people, and merciful God. We are truly blessed! Let's not forget it...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ugly questions are what we want to know...

Political Radar: Biden Blasts TV Anchor for 'Ugly' Questions

God bless Barbara West of WFTV in Orlando. I've never heard of her before, but I am impressed. She asked questions that I have been craving to hear someone in the MSM ask for months! Bill O'Rielly didn't even have the guts to ask these questions.

Of course Biden's gone nuts about how ugly the questions are. He inaccurately said the reporter called Obama Marx. We have to expect that. One of the few times in the entire campaign someone asks an important well informed question, and Biden goes ape.

It's a good sign! All is not lost! Thank you Barbara West!

My prescription for modern politics

The Law By Frederic Bastiat | Foundation for Economic Education

Before you ever vote again for any office, read this pamphlet. Written over 100years ago by a Frenchman, I have never read a more accurate, clear, common sense explanation of what Government should and shouldn't be.

I found this accidentally while looking at a friends desk, and asked if I could read it. It was one of the most fortuitous coincidences in my life. Those who read and understand the concepts in this pamphlet, may be more qualified to sit on the supreme court than most justices there now.

While it isn't law in this country as the Constitution is, I believe it may be as important for people to study if not more so. The brilliance is in the simplicity and clarity of the basics of human conduct, interaction, rights and lawfulness.

No matter who you vote for - do us both a favor and read this first. Then buy a bunch and hand them out to everyone you meet.

Obama,Marx and Mason

Classical Marxism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In doing my research about Obama and his history, values and resume, I have had to revisit Karl Marx. He is often misunderstood and misquoted and I don't want to do that. Marxisms fundamental tenets are the equalization of the classes and using class envy to manipulate the people to revolt. Economists and other Marxist scholars obfuscate Marxism trying to explain the economic dynamics and legitimize the slavery that Marxism is, but it doesn't change the fundamentals of that philosophy: "we are being exploited by those outside my class and race, so we will give everything to my leaders to help them make those exploiters pay". So we pay for envy with slavery!

Interesting that race and class battles are the extent of Obama's understanding of human progress, much like Marx. He cleans up his rhetoric by calling Socialism, "opportunity" to confuse the issue and minimize concern over his Marxist roots, but it's undeniable nonetheless.

The fundamental misunderstanding by Marx and Obama is that "class struggle" lens distorts their understanding of economics, history and humanity. They don't recognize the human traits that create those exploiters apply to them, and combined with centralized power makes them particularly tragic and effective exploiters. History has shown this without exception. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Chavez. They sterilized their economies, created epidemic poverty and dependence and murdered millions of their own. They completely disregard Lord Acton's famous proclamation,"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Because it is messy, redistributors are unable to understand the "hidden hand" effects of economic feedback by those free to choose transactions based on their own personal preferences. Rather than eliminating the effects of race and class unfairness, both Marx and Obama exploit race and class to further the power of the elite. Rather than having a fair and equitable distribution of rewards and success based on merit among the strata of human capabilities and competence, all the people are poorly rewarded for mediocrity by arbitrary policies set forth by the ruling elite class. It's why free markets work so well, power is not centralized and bad people and products tend to eventually go away because coercion cannot be employed in the consumers decision making process.

The results are in! Centralized control, confiscation of wealth and redistribution of that wealth do not work regardless of the leaders' charm, eloquence, intelligence or intentions.

As the great "Ronaldus Magnus" once said, "Communism works in only 2 places: in heaven, where they don't need it, and in hell where they already have it".

It won't work here either, where it's unconstitutional and we don't want it!

THE facts about the origin of our financial crisis

ToTheCenter - News: Freddie, Fannie & the Congressional hearings

This is a great compilation of facts that names names in the development of the completely avoidable current financial crisis. If there's anything more troubling than the Governments complete lack of responsibility, it's the mainstream media's complicity in the cover up.

I believe the demise of the traditional media is more due to their customers increasing awareness of their complete untrustworthiness, than anything else. Yes, the Internet has a lot to do with it, but is it because they are the Internet, or because it's the only place, other than talk radio and Fox News you can get an honest look at the facts like this?

No matter what happens economically and politically in the next couple of weeks, we will need to be on guard. The Fairness Doctrine is on the way. If we are not diligent on that, the best we may be able to hope for is a little glasnost and perestroika a few decades from now. In the meantime I will continue my ongoing samizdat.

Joe the Plumber vs the Governments!

The Columbus Dispatch : Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber

One of the facts we don't often consider is that many of the employees and officials in Governments across the nation is - they are Obamanites. They will remain so even if John McCain wins the presidency.

Many are unable or unwilling to adhere to longstanding laws and traditions that prevent use and indeed misuse of Government time, resources and power in politics and elections. Many of us Nobamas already feel intimidated in to at least keeping our mouth shut when it comes to this election (obviously not me!). It's one of the reasons that I think the polls are so inaccurate, and believe the election may not be so lopsided as we now think.

It will only get worse! If Obama wins, they will feel a legitimized in their tactics, and escalate. If he loses, there will be such outrage that they will escalate because the election was obviously stolen. BE PREPARED! Be steeled and resist the temptation to retaliate. We will win because we are generally more committed to our values, and we must deal with whatever the Obamanites do with the same lofty strength.

We will either win in spite of our sleepiness, or lose because of it. In any case we will be awakened to the realities of the uncivil cultural and political civil war in America. Arm yourself with the information, history and personal strength necessary to hold your head up, fight the good fight and defeat these anti-American Americans. Rest assured they will do ANYTHING necessary to imtimidate you into keeping your mouth shut. Don't let them succeed. Whether we win or lose this election, we are in for a fight like no other since the Civil War.

Collectivism, Marxism and Obama- in his own words...

YouTube - Obama 2001 Chicago radio interview exposes socialist views

It is becoming VERY clear that Obama is all about socialism. For the main stream media to ignore this exposes their incredibly blatant bias.

We MUST do the work to inform ourselves and not fall for the Utopian presentation of the MSM or the Muslim terrorist ideas of the whacked far right.

My research right now is all about complete interviews of Obama, because it doesn't get filtered to fit a reporters agenda. It's all about Obama's own words, and right now, it's ALL about Socialism...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Think your 401k's been hit hard lately?


Congress is looking at taking it away! 5 years ago I would have thought this story was right wing wackery, but in fact it's left wing wackery. And true!

The ambitious plans for more socialist programs are on the rise as Democrats in all segments of our Governments eagerly anticipate an Obama victory.

This plan looks to help you deal with the recent losses in value nearly all of us have experienced in our 401k's by taking them from us. That's right. Congressional oversight was a complete failure in the mortgage and investment markets, so now they are going to take our 401k's and destroy those as well.

Don't take my word for it, check out the story and judge for yourself. We really need to let these guys and gals know, in no uncertain terms, that we will not sit still for the increased confiscation of the fruits of our efforts. That is slavery!

YouTube - 1995 Obama Bizarre, Race Baiting Interview Found! HE MUST SAVE BLACKS SO HE CAN BE SAVED.

YouTube - 1995 Obama Bizarre, Race Baiting Interview Found! HE MUST SAVE BLACKS SO HE CAN BE SAVED.

I am so sick of this guy's bigotry! He may have a twisted perspective of what America is, but he is using it as a way to foment envy, hatred and unrest. Typical Marxist political manipulation.

We need to do everything we can to get the truth out and help people not fall for the worn out cliche's of '60's revolutionaries. Most of us are no longer 18, stupid, drunk, or trippin' on LSD, so hopefully he won't be able to continue to get away with it.

You have to get a look at this. It will get your blood boiling. His bigotry and greed in his own words, on camera. It can't be spun.

The Coming OBAMA Spending Explosion...

www.dcexaminer.com >> Opinion
Scathing opinion piece in the DC Examiner

I voted for Jimmy Carter and was a victim of his economic and international policies. What a price ALL of America paid!

Obama's plans make Carter look positively Conservative. This guy is Carter's destructive pandering on steroids. What an incredibly foolish lack of understanding about economics. Read it and VOTE!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Palin's future, according to Garrison Keillor

Palin's future, according to Garrison Keillor

Some Americans inability to understand Obama's history is incredible. I first became acquainted with the depth of some people's capacity for denial in AA. It was not fun to be confronted with my own bravo sierra, and I think Garrison Keilor may have more than his share of that character flaw as well.

I don't care if you honestly believe it's unimportant, but the charges of Republican conspiracy to make up the facts is just obnoxious. Then to demean Palin as just "clueless", is typical of the liberals attitude that minorities should get a break, just not Republican ones. Pretty mean spirited and bigoted.

I used to be a liberal. I used to enjoy the meanness, too. It was kind of fun even. I could justify it because the Republicans were such bad hateful people. How'd I know? All my friends and the media said so.

Unfortunately, my bubble was burst when Carter blew America up, and I began getting out in the world and meeting nice, caring, successful Conservatives. I would like to recommend that Garrison get out and meet some good old Conservative Americans. It's much more difficult to hate those people when they are REAL people and not dehumanized characters. Sarah Palin is much nicer, brighter, and sophisticated than you think. The ease with which you discard and marginalize with the cliched charges of stupidity and meanness only exposes those qualities in you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain's False Claims On Bill Ayers, False Claims By The GOP Nominee About The Former Weather Underground Leader Tied To Obama - CBS News

McCain's False Claims On Bill Ayers, False Claims By The GOP Nominee About The Former Weather Underground Leader Tied To Obama - CBS News

CBS needs to get off the DNC payroll. The facts prove Ayers and Obama ran in the same same circles to the point that he launched his political career in his living room. You don't choose a stranger or acquaintance for that. You choose a close political ally that you can count on. For Obama, that was Ayers!

If indeed Obama didn't know any of Ayers background or didn't care, or didn't know it mattered he's not sharp enough to be my President. Period.

I wish CBS had the spine to stop covering up for Obama. The media and journalistic fauning over Obama is their ruin. They wonder why no one takes them serious anymore. Dan Rather was not the only shill.

ACORN Election Fraud? That's peanuts!

www.dcexaminer.com >> Opinion

We must insist on the FEC looking into Obama's campaign contributors. Here's a report on the details of one particularly bizarre contributor...

The campaign is saying they are again victims. When is this guy going to get a spine and stop playing the victim games? This guy is the king of slickly avoiding responsibility. Look at all of his "present" votes. Can't just vote yes or no.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Secret Service are going to be VERY busy

Secret Service visits Lufkin woman after 'death threat' allegation from an Obama campaign volunteer

I don't know what to think about this. Seems some overwrought Obama volunteer got a little out of hand. Perhaps she mistook her victims statement about babies dying to mean Obama. I don't know, but VERY scary nonetheless.

Obama's head in the sand yet again

McCain Letter Demanded 2006 Action on Fannie and Freddie - HUMAN EVENTS

You MUST read this letter and note the names signed at the bottom, and the absence of other names.

Facts and documents do matter. Hopefully the MSM will begin to pick up on this. We live in VERY serious times. We don't need Marxist street rabble-rouser as the next President.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The myth of Corporate taxation

Does increased corporate taxation really level the tax playing field?

One of the big issues in this Presidential election is taxation. It has been in every election in my lifetime. Depending on the economic conditions at the time, it's more of an issue than others. So it's a particularly hot issue now.

Many believe that tax policy can be ethically and effectively used to correct economic conditions and benefit certain segments of the economy or populace. Obviously if you tax one person more than another you benefit the lower taxed individual. If you give tax revenues to one person and not the other, then that person is benefited as well. You could potentially double the benefit by reducing or eliminating taxes AND using tax revenues for rebates or additional entitlements to certain segments of the population.

As important as correct Constitutional and ethical tax code implementation is, I'm not going to argue the appropriateness of those sorts of policies. I do want to analyze one particular tax policy that has gained in popularity as we approach this election. That is increased corporate taxes.

Many believe that increased Corporate taxation benefits the "people" and that Corporate tax breaks unfairly punish the "people" who don't get those breaks. At first blush that may appear to be true, but we must look a little deeper into the flow of income and expenses in business and an economy to accurately understand how corporate tax policy works.

Taxes first must be understood as a "cost". Whether it's fuel, steel, labor, or taxes any increase or decrease in the costs of creating a product generally results in an increase or decrease in the price of that product to the consumer. Occasionally the retail price doesn't directly correlate to the change in costs depending on other market conditions such as profit margin, competition or other factors. But generally it does.

Costs go up - prices go up. Costs go down - prices go down. Makes sense right? Who pays an increased price and who benefits from a reduced price? The "people"! So an increased corporate tax is a VERY poorly veiled increase in "tax" to the "people".

Turns out that a politician that is using a corporate tax hike proposal to try to persuade you to vote for him is either an utter fool, or thinks you are one.

So... which is it?

The Great Depression II? There's still time to learn the lesson

Videos | Foundation for Economic Education

In my last post I asked you to learn a little about the great Depression. This is a great start, a speech by Amity Shlaes at a FEE event. She does a great job of disassembling the Marxist spin of FDR and the Depression.

Fee is a very important non-profit organization. They are all about Economic education, but I'd like to see them do a better job of educating the masses. I recommend a membership. We get enough every day folk and we can redirect their efforts to more grassroots economic education.

Economic education is one of THE most important weapons in fighting the propaganda war I also mentioned in my last post. The Libs/Socialists have skewed the scale so far to the left, and are so effective at class envy and manipulating "history" that until we correct the average Americans understanding of it, we don't have a lot of hope.

Here's to Amity Shlaes and hope...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Those critical of Obama's past miss the point

I am glad to see more attention being paid to Obama's past and his mentors and friends. You can tell a lot about a man by his friends.

But I think we miss an even more important problem with Ayers, Wright, Davis, Pflaeger et al. What are these guys doing running churches? Running Multi-Million dollar foundations? Teaching our children? Accepting tax dollars in payment for spreading their propaganda and their criminal deeds? Why are they not fired, ostrasized, imprisoned, defeated, destroyed? They have vowed to destroy me and my country! And remain unrepentant to this day!

Those of you still in childish infatuation with the sterilized, romanticized version of '60's activism are the problem. You make outlandish allowances in the name of some undefined higher purpose that absolves these people and others like them of any responsibility for their murderous, destructive, culture mutilating behaviour.

Many Americans have become aware of your well intentioned but fatal flaw. Not fatal to you personally, but to the health of our nation, our economy, our soldiers and our children. We have vowed to fight tooth and nail. The threat of being ostracized by the media won't keep us from our duty. The threat of violence and rioting should Obama loose will not keep us from our duty. We will do everything legal and moral in our power to defeat the '60's Marxist ideology you're trying to forcefeed us.

You see, we have learned from you that noise works. Unlike you we don't need to be violent, destructive or dishonest. Just unceasingly active in the propaganda war we find ourselves in. We no longer beleive that hard work, minding our own business and being as good a person as we know how is good enough. We have to stand up, say what's on our minds, let the press demean us, politicians marginalize us and Marxist revolutionaries take pot-shots at us and just keep coming.

You have taught us well. Thank you!

"Oversight" is the answer! Yeah right...

Everyone is talking about "oversight" being necessary in every aspect of financial markets, real estate, Wall Street, etc. I want to know who is going to provide oversight of our Government, politicians and Press. If there is anything we've learned from this situation it's that no one can be trusted in that role. No one!

It is tempting to lament that reality, and fantasize about the good old days, but I'm not sure that it has ever been the proper role of Government, bureaucrats, politicians or pseudo-governmental agencies to oversee the free market.

Tort law exists to allow those have been wronged in contractual business to remedy that wrong. The courts are one of the primary responsibilities of Government, along with the Legislative role to create the common sense protective legislation that make up tort law. My experience is that any Government has it's hands full with those responsibilities. Additional regulatory responsibilities only introduce more political manipulations, distortions, and corruption. Regardless who is in power. The problem is not necessarily political party, but the nature of humanity.

The illusion of effective Governmental oversight actually exacerbates the problem, because those who would be protected assume they are, become less attentive and diligent, and are victimized twice. Once by those originally exploitative and then again by those in the protective position unable to honestly, effectively prevent that exploitation.

I am not an anarchist. I am not recommending the abolition of law enforcement, either. I believe we have become, whiny, risk averse, gullible and irresponsible and want the nanny state to make everything positive, risk-proof, safe and profitable. It isn't going to happen. Not on this Earth.

Some of the best organizations to provide consumer guidance, information and protection are organizations like the BBB, Underwriters Laboratory and Consumer Union. They are not perfect either, but do a much better job of providing accurate, non-political and fair information. They happen to be private organizations. No coincidence in my opinion.

Let's grow up, pay attention, take care of ourselves and tell the bureaucrats, politicians and media to take a hike. They are ALL to blame for our current economic and political crisis. Of course, no more than we are by allowing it to happen.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

So this is what "Community Organizer" means

Inside Obama’s Acorn by Stanley Kurtz on National Review Online

This is a very informative article. Level headed and open ended. The article just scratches the surface and asks a few important questions. The Acorn connection may be more important than the Ayers and Wright connections. Why the mainstream media won't do their due diligence is shocking.

'60's Marxist ideology cleaned up to be more palatable, with all the destructive results. So now we know what "change" means. This is a must read!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Old Story, Once Ignored, Predicted Our Current Democrat Caused Crisis

The New York Times > Business > Chief Is Ousted at Fannie Mae Under Pressure

Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Barry Obama and other Democrats are presenting the idea that the Bush administration is responsible for the current economic crisis very effectively with the help of the media arm of the DNC (the Main Stream Media). I've known for a long time just how dishonest politicians can be, but their current hubris is breathtaking. They are truly audacious in their dishonesty!

The level of willful ignorance on the part of many Americans enamored with Barry Obama risks a depression and global political instability that will be historic. I have felt for some time that we are living in times very similar to those prior to WWII. While the time scale is stretched, it is eerily similar. I never expected it could continue to get worse with the possibility of an economic depression.

Those who believe that it's all the Republicans fault will have no safety from the horrible effects of Democratic economic and military policy. Your willful ignorance will not protect you. The Media's lopsided reports will make you feel better, just as they do now, but the facts will not change. We may have to have a 3rd World War to get over it. I'm sure if that were to happen the Republicans would be responsible for that as well. What an incredible shame.

Please take the time to look into FDR's policies during the Great Depression. You will find that most of Europe recovered from the crash of 1929 in about 3 years. FDR lengthened the Depression by 15 years and the American stock market didn't truly recover until 1954!

Look into the recent history of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It is a litany of liberal socialist policies proven wrong by Democratic insiders that ran them, and the Democratic Congressional overseers insisting in implementing risky lending practices. The mainstream media continues to ignore it.

It is painful, but have the courage to learn the facts as they are, not as we are fed by an equally corrupt media and educational system (also coincidentally run by Unions and Democrats). In the long run it will do your heart good, and you may contribute to the avoidance of the greatest global catastrophe in about 80 years.