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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Zimbabwe Is Down to Its Last $217

Zimbabwe Is Down to Its Last $217 - Global - The Atlantic Wire

The first question that comes to mind from the title of this article - where were the citizens? Didn't they see this coming? Didn't they realize the politicians couldn't be relied upon? Where they concerned when bank account went down to 1 billion? 1 million? 1,000?

Secondly, did the media do their jobs and uncover the issue? Or did they attack and marginalize those that sounded the alarms as things degraded over the years? Did they try to protect the country and it's citizens or blindly support Mugabe and his destructive policies?

Thirdly, how far will Americans go along this road? Don't kid yourself, we ARE on it now. Will we begin to care when the American bank account is at 1 trillion? 1 billion? 1 million? Are we so foolish that we to will take down to $217 dollars?

It took Zimbabwe roughly 33 years to go from the richest, most productive country on the African continent in 1979 to $217 dollars in the bank in 2013. Obviously we are no where near that, so it will take some time. 33 years? 60 years? 100 years? Do we really want to try this?