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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

PlanetSave.com Icon responds to my foolish rant...

I don't always respond to those who respond to my writings. Many are not worth the time, and others just make my points for me.

"Mad" Max - PlanetOptions.com icon and noted environmentalist commentator, recently wrote about a couple of blogs I wrote regarding the offensive (I'm acting liberal now) NBC/Gore "Greenie" lovefest that occurred over the weekend and into this week.

Max's response highlights several effective but faulty cliche's that are used to discredit and marginalize those who don't jump on board the "Green" movement or any other movement de jour that the left conjures up to bolster their agenda.

1. The right disagrees so they are stupid, mean and don't care.

2. The economy's a mess, the environment is a mess, human rights are a mess, politics is a mess, everything sucks (usually when a conservative is in office) ad nauseum.

3. Even if we're wrong it's the "right" (pardon the pun) thing to do.

Point 1:
I fell for this years ago, when I was still in larval stage (a bleeding heart liberal Democrat) and voted for "Jimma" Carter. Ron Reagan was the devil because someone at the Agricultural Department categorized Ketchup as a vegetable in order to malnourish and eventually destroy our only hope for the future, our children. As a lefty, I loved it. Reagan was the enemy and I didn't care much for whether the argument really made sense or not. The networks joyously pounded the drum along with his opposition. It sounded good, attacked my enemy, so I happily strode along giggling.

Ron Reagan was also going to destroy the Earth with his talk of the "Evil Empire". Nuclear holocaust was just around the corner, not because the Soviets were bad guys (even though they would be the ones that launch the holocaust) but because Reagan had the gall to say they were bad guys. Little girls were interviewed on the national TV network news (back when they mattered) hysterically crying about the shame of their brief innocent lives being snuffed out in the coming nuclear attacks instigated by Reagan. The Soviet Union really wasn't really all that bad, and if we keep giving them a hard time, they might get mad and do something scary. How dare that stupid, unsophisticated dunce goad them!

I've since learned that Ron Reagan was a brilliant man. He had an understanding of politics, economics and human nature few in our leadership have ever possessed. He did more to protect the children by ramping up the economy and encouraging those who had become inordinately Dependant on State care to work, than any President since JFK. He along with Lech Walesa, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II helped destroy what really was the Evil Empire. More people died at the hands of Stalin and Communism in the 20th century, than in the history of mankind combined. Most of those murdered at the hands of their own evil leaders. Only that noted Iranian humanitarian Ahmadenijad and the most ardent Marxist or Leninist try to get away with denying that today.

On the particulars of climate change; I recall specifically the cover of Time magazine in 1975 that warned we were in a catastrophic sprint to an unavoidable ice age. Scientist after expert scientist told the most compelling story of deep freeze terror you could imagine. And they had the "facts" to prove it. Obviously something has changed dramatically since then, but no one ever seems to have to say "I was wrong and I am sorry". Ironically some of the steps that might have been taken to avoid that scientific certainty, had it gained traction as the "Greenies have so expertly done with their issue today, would have WORSENED our alleged present day problem. So how do we pick our legitimate catastrophes? I do not know. But at least I am able to admit I do not know. I don't jump on the PC bandwagon, try to coerce everyone and insist that all who disagree are stupid and careless.

I am not the most brilliant analyst. I am not a climatologist, but I do know that the left is not beyond fudging a little to make their position go. I lived it over and over. I believe that is probably happening again now. Otherwise they wouldn't so aggressively attack, marginalize and silence those noted climatologists who do disagree with the Cataclysmic Climate Change (Triple C) crowd. Why must the debate be closed? Why are you afraid to hear dissent? Why do you stop funding and label those who heretofore were considered mainstream experts, "outlyers" when they disagree. Sorry but I am not falling for it again. It's one of the VERY strong reasons I am no longer liberal. I think the lefts' leadership, not necessarily their constituents, are often purposely dishonest.

Point 2:
As ugly as life can be, not everything is a mess. The reality is we live in the best times on Earth ever. The environment is cleaner than it has been in a hundred years or more. There is more forestation in the continental US than at the time the country was founded. The economy is unbelievably robust, in spite of an incredibly unstable world situation. Life is good!

But you can't meddle in everyone's lives and feel good about being in a society changing movement when everything is good. So a controversial problem is targeted, a PR campaign designed, and the re-education begins! Taxes can be raised so the oceans levels don't. High taxes beats drowning everytime. This stuff really works!

This incessant manipulative negativity is another reason I can no longer tolerate being a member of the left. Sure life is messy, often unfair, but it is a great gift and better than ever!

Point 3:
"So why not just be for clean air?", they exclaim. Often after running out of facts to support their Triple C argument. "Maybe it's not happening, but you can't tell me it's bad to take care of the environment! Don't you care?"

No, it's not bad to take care of the environment. And, yes I do want my children and grand children (whom I love greatly in spite of being a conservative) to have a good life and healthy Earth to live on. But that is not the point. If you want to argue environmentalism, you'll have to find someone else. We agree! The Triple C crowd advocates radical coercive change in our lives, laws, businesses and Governments. Such changes would never be embraced without the threat of such a near term catastrophic inevitability. All the more reason to question the "facts". Why don't we do something about changing the path of massive meteors and comets? It is a much more sound scientific threat, and could destroy the Earth instantly before I even finish this sentence!

Intelligent environmentalism? Absolutely! Frantic, radical involuntary reorganization of everything motivated primarily by environmental fear mongering? I think not!

MASH's old weasel Col.Frank Burns' exclamation of, "Do something! Do anything" when the bombing of the MASH 4077th's compound started, just doesn't fly. You think we have Cataclysmic Climate Change going on? Let's hear the facts. Both pro and con. Let's weigh them judiciously. Then let's formulate a plan that honors the independence, freedom of choice and prosperity for everyone that this country is based on. Otherwise, we may find we don't benefit from the apathy of the '70's and we inadvertently make the coming catastrophic ice age of the 21st Century much worse that it's already going to be.

Being a lefty means never having to say you're sorry!
Dr Dave

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's wisdom on modern climate change

I realize this one may be hard to swallow. It's from a wealthy, white, christian, heterosexual, Imperialist, but he wasn't ALL bad. He did write Sherlock Holmes among other things.

"I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."
- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Very appropriate advice for the "Greenies"

NBC's Sunday Night Football becomes overt lefty propogandist

Sunday Night Football on NBC has always been tough to watch. Only a diehard football fan could endure the pompous, lame-brained psuedo-Coselle imitation that Olberman does. Most who have successfully navigated puberty would see little to like about the red-light district rock star that sang the opening theme.

John, Al and hittin'. Thank goodness they couldn't mess that up. Although the NFL refs are trying to ruin that last point.

They did improve things greatly, if only briefly with the switch to Faith Hill in the open. Beautiful, talented, and she doesn't look like a prostitute! Sorry Faith, theres' most assuredly more good to say about you.

Then NBC gets this brilliant idea to do the "Green" thing. I just about puked. They opened the pre-game show with the lights turned down to save energy, and a long preachy explanation by Bob Costas about how doing so was saving the world. They show a satellite photo of the US and suggested we all turn off just one light. They could have saved more energy and a great deal of embarrassment by turning the lights OFF. And the Cameras. And the mikes. Even the NBC logo was green!

To hear Chris Collinsworth's embarrassed giggling during Bob Costas' intro and explanation was the only thing that made sense.

Hey NBC! Stop trying to change the world. I may not like your world. Just entertain and inform as fairly and impartially as you can. This new role as propaganda ministry does not become you. You look silly and foolish. If you keep up this flummery you may end up "Green" with envy over your competitors at FOX!

Gore, outright liar, calls dissenting Scientists outlyers...

On the Today show this morning Al Gore called scientists that disagree with his Cataclysmic Climate Change (Triple C) dogma, outlyers.

This term is used when referring to statistics that fall outside the normal pattern and are discarded. Strange how one that honors, even glorifies dissent as Mr Gore claims to, could discard a whole segment of otherwise mainstream, well thought of climatologists.

After NBC's capitulance to the Triple C Crowd on it's Sunday Night Football pre-game and half-time shows, I shouldn't be suprised. There is no attempt by NBC to even appear unbiased. They have given up. In an effort to improve their horrible ratings, they move further to the radical PC position. This, of course, just results in worse ratings, to which they respond to by groveling more aggressively to the PC Triple C crowd. It's a death spiral for the network. I guess I should be glad. They have dropped all appearances of professional impartiality, and are now overt and honest in their bias. I no longer have to listen carefully to discern their hidden bias as before. It's out there for all to see!

Al Gore was right when he said debate is over. With the propaganda fed to students in our public schools and Universities, the scientific bullying that goes on with publishing and funding non-compliant researchers, the overwhelming mainstream mass media abdication of impartiality, it may be over.

I must give kudos to those in the Triple C movement. They have been so effective in their irresistible PR campaign, that I am studying ways in which I may implement similar promotional techniques for my show and other businesses. Unfortunately I have to be honest, deal with facts and respect people so I'll have to let you know how it goes.
Dr Dave

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LiveLeak.com - Whoopi Calls On Sharpton To Apologize To Duke Players

Look out Whoopi, your sidin' with the enemy!

I have to give credit where credit is due. It's so refreshing to hear what Whoopi Goldberg had to say about Al Sharpton and his comments about the Duke Lacross team.

She needs to be very careful, though. Like Dennis Miller, Ron Silver and me, once you cross the line, no matter what the reason, you ARE the enemy. I would be very surprised to hear her keep this level headed fact based commentary up for much longer. The reactionary kooks on the left are ready to attack.
Dr Dave

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reid Urges Public To Complain To Clear Channel On Limbaugh Comments, By John Bresnahan - CBS News

Reid and 41 other Democrats continue to dive enthusiastically into foolishness.

They've had more than a week to get the facts straight and continue to enthusiastically dive deeply into stupidity by continuing to put forth a false argument about Limbaugh's attack on fake troops. As we all (except the Dems) know by now, Limbaugh attacked a soldier who was anti-war who wasn't a soldier at all. In fact he said he was in Iraq, when he was not, he claimed to be a Ranger when he was not and didn't even finish boot camp. He was dishonorably discharged after 44 days! How dare Rush attack that brave soldier! Ha!

The Democratic leaders continue to dig a hole they'll not be able to get out of. I believe it's the last gasp, "death throws" reaction to their entirely correct self assessment that they are politically in big trouble. They made the mistake that they could do the '60's thing and impune America at every turn. Fight the war, demonize the military and beat the Republicans. Unfortunately for the Dems this is not the '60's, and many of us who grew up at that time, and witnessed the incredible hypocrisy and political and cultural destruction are not allowing it to happen again. The Democratic leadership "misunderestimated" the silent majority who are not so silent anymore, and implemented a politically suicidal "strategery". I love it!

They no longer control science reports. Global warming is slowly, but increasingly being effectively questioned. They no longer control the media. Limbaugh is himself an example of that, as well as Fox News, Rathergate and about 10 gazillion Bloggers out there. They don't control even their own office holders, witness the City Council and Mayor of Atlantic City. The City Council has nearly1/3 of it's members in prison or awaiting sentencing. The Mayor has not been heard of since last Wednesday, when he was confronted with the falsification of his military service records. What a phony soldier!

Keep at it guys. Your defense of our enemies. Your attacking of honorable Americans, your lying posturing and manipulation of your offices is the most effective Republican campaign support we could possibly hope for.
Dr Dave

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dissection of the Democrat Smear

Before you make up your mind - The facts of Dems fact-free smear of Limbaugh

It's incredible to me that the Dems use a story about a soldier who lied about his Army service to promote his anti-war opinions, as fodder against Limbaugh. The soldier lied, the Dems lied about what Limbaugh said, and the story that gets legs, is Limbaugh's comments about the lying former soldier. It's just amazing. So much so that it's difficult to comment on. If it didn't expose such outrageous dishonesty that is s0 seriously politically and culturally damaging, it would be funny.

As a former Democrat I have believed that my disagreements with that party's leadership are honest political and policy differences. I believed that these people aren't bad, they're not dishonest, they simply disagree. But I have since come to learn from their behavior that the Democratic leadership is dishonest. They are bad. They do put forth points that they know are false to forward political arguments. It's why I am no longer a Democrat.

I hope they keep it up. It invigorates the Conservatives. It makes the Dems look dishonest, desperate and foolish. The charges never stand because they no longer have a monopoly over the media, and the truth eventually gets out. God bless the new media!
Dr Dave

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Townhall.com::Six inconvenient truths about the U.S. and slavery::By Michael Medved

An Incredibly Unpopular, Refreshingly Reasoned Analysis of Slavery in America

Michael Medved does his usual level headed, historically accurate analysis of slavery in America. Unfortunately for Michael, he';s become the latest conservative racist kook. At least according to that rational, reasoned intelectual, Kieth Olberman of MSNBC.

MSNBC's Keith Olberman took Michael's analysis completely out of context and called it "A defense of slavery". It makes me wonder if he even read the article. Michael won Olberman's "Worst Person in the World" award. I would take that as a compliment actually. You can tell a lot about a person by his friends AND his enemies. Counting Olberman as an enemy says more good about Medved than almost any other honor he has won.

Another example of hysterical demonizing of those they disagree with by the main stream media. Keith, what do I have to do to win your award? Please, I deserve it!
Dr Dave

A Tax Credit For Every Problem - Forbes.com

Taxes IS the Problem

Those hoping for our votes continue to try to buy them by giving our money back to us. It's a silly game, but apparently most Americans fall for it. Frederick Bastiat called it "legal plunder".

It goes like this:
Democrat: Vote for me! I'll give you some free money, even though you don't pay taxes. I won't give it to anyone else because I care so much for you.

Republican: Vote for me, I'll give you some of your money back in a way that's fair. But only if you are paying us your money in the first place.

Both are despicable; trying to buy votes with our own money, but it seems to me the Repubulican plan is a little more honest. Maybe that's why so many voters have a problem with them. They play the game a little more transparently.
Dr Dave

Monday, October 01, 2007

Murtha may be forced to eat his words...

Federal judge orders Murtha to testify in Haditha defamation case - The Crypt's Blog - Politico.com

We all remember Murtha calling Marines accused of killing innocents in Haditha (that have since been found innocent themselves) war criminals and cold blooded murderers in a press conference some time ago. In this article analyzing the liable case against Murtha brought by one of those Marines, the author explains quite well why Murtha cannot be found guilty of liable in this case. Primarily it relates to having nearly complete immunity when speaking as a member of the Senate in performance of his duties. But just as Murtha may not liable or defame me as a computer consultant in a press conference , unless I am being debated in Senate or in reference to particular legislation in which I am involved, Murtha may not defame a Marine unless that case is before the Senate. It was not. Otherwise Senators may liable and defame anyone under any circumstances simply because it was done as the part of an official press conference or communique, as long as that press release or conference were done as part of his official duty and not a citizen. Regardless of the context or pertinence to the Senators duties. Defamation by Senator would then itself become part of the Senators official duties. Carried to it's logical conclusion, it is a circuitous argument that doesn't hold up.

Murtha's responsible and proper statement during his press conferences and TV appearances should have been something along the line of." I do not have any comment on the guilt or innocence of the accused military personnel. I will the allow appropriate legal system and Military investigators to do their jobs, and refrain from statements that might prejudice the outcome of the case. Any statement otherwise by a member of the Senate would be inappropriate and could damage the credibility and esteem of this office." He could then go on with the usual Bush and military bashing refrain without defaming anyone.

Unfortunately I think the author is correct and Murtha is likely to be found innocent and that Marine, as well as the other Marines involved in that case reputations' will be permanently soiled. The result of Murtha's victory in the lawsuit will only serve to set the stain in a court of law. The incredible injustice of that is difficult for me to stomach.

In an honorable world, his groundless attacks on those Marines would carry additional liability on his part due to the incredible power and weight of a Senators words. Murtha should suffer additional penalty because of his position not less. Murtha interfered with an investigation and prosecution in progress that prejudiced it.

I would argue that Murtha's comments were made not in the pursuit of his activities as a Senator, but during his attempts to undermine the troops and provide aid and comfort to the enemy. In a just world Murtha would be found guilty of treason and in violation of his oath of office while a US Senator. Those guilty of treason cannot be held immune to prosecution because of official immunity. Not even a United States Senator.

We live in a time in which, weak, spineless Government officials can get away with adulterous sex with interns and become near billionaires while in office at the expense of taxpayers. are able to destroy the reputations of truly heroic soldiers with complete immunity. I'm desirous of the old days of honorable duals. At least the libelous had to take into account the unlikely but entirely possible ultimate consequence of libelous public attack against another mans honor.

I believe that an aggressive public effort to expose Murtha should be undertaken against him. The flip side of his Senatorial immunity conferred on him by law, is the nearly as broad ability for voters and his opponents to attack him just as ruthlessly.

Let's hope the impossible happens and the courts agree with me. The fact that theMarine were found innocent in spite of the incredibly prejudicial media reports and political attacks proves miracles can happen.
Dr Dave

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Iran shelling targets deeper inside northern Iraq: mayor

Iran shelling targets deeper inside northern Iraq: mayor

Have you heard any reports of these attacks from main stream media? No? Imagine that! In fact reports from Iraq have been few and far between recently. Why do you think that is? Could it be because the stories to be reported don't fit the paradigm of the main stream media? HMM?

American Thinker: Courage, Cowardice and the Wordsmiths

American Thinker: Courage, Cowardice and the Wordsmiths

This analysis of modern Intellegincia and it's corrupting influence on our society through a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature is the best I've ever read. It's not glamour, glitz and glibness that makes man and life on Earth work. It's the ability to get positive things done. Really flies in the face of conventional wisdom today and is very refreshing. It's the quality that made Ron Reagan so powerful. He realized that aggressive work, communication and impementation of good stuff by good old "average Americans" creates success.

The irony that it takes a certain glibness to communicate the emptiness of glibness is priceless. You gotta read this!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tough US Welcome for Iran's Ahmadinejad

Tough US Welcome for Iran's Ahmadinejad

I must admit, I never guessed the President of Columbia would have the toughness to talk to Ahmadinejad the way he deserves to be talked to. I had mixed feelings about his appearance at Columbia because I thought he would be coddled and treated as a hero because of his incredibly hateful anti-American and anti-Israeli position. Boy was I wrong. I am very pleased. Finally a semblance of sanity in American Academe.
Dr Dave

Clinton campaign kills negative story - Ben Smith - Politico.com

Clinton campaign kills negative story - Ben Smith - Politico.com

The new media and it's relationship with bloggers, makes control of the media more difficult than ever before. When it does happen, it gets exposed and grows legs in the blogosphere. Once that happens, the MSM can't ignore it any longer. I think this story is a great example of this. We'll see if it grows legs.

The development of this phenomena is one of the truly historic, culture shaping effects of the Internet.
Dr Dave

Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Open Letter to Sen. John Warner

I am absolutely fuming. I hope I don't regret writing this in this state of mind. I'll let you decide...

An Open Letter to Senator John Warner of Virginia in Response to his Speech Calling for the Pullout of American Troops from Iraq.


Mr. Warner,

I generally address my public servants with great courtesy and respect, but must admit that after viewing your speech today about an Iraq pullout, I find it incredibly difficult to be restrained.

I am used to political disagreement and don't usually get too aggressive in that regard. I respect everyone’s right to be wrong. It's the nature of our beloved system of government in this greatest nation on earth.

However, I must say that I have given up all hope of having my public servants do anything but sabotage my country, and it's attempts to defend itself and our way of life. I can only hope that Congress will subpoena me so I can make my contempt for you and your peers official and a matter of public record. I would be proud!

As a former Democrat I am used to the Democrats putting political considerations above the health and survival of my family and country. Sadly, it is quite clear that political considerations have trumped the best interest of our country among the Republican party now, and I wonder if there is any hope for us.

I am shocked that you have gone back on your word and are preempting General Patraeus’ report. You are castrating the President, the General and our troops, and are desecrating the horrendous sacrifices already made by incredibly honorable, patriotic Americans in this War on Islamo-Fascism. In war you are defeated when you say you are defeated. How could you do it?!

Mr. Warner, you now have traitorous blood on your hands. This is not an academic political debate over a few billion dollars here or there with nothing more than my hard earned tax money at stake. There are historic, long-term effects. Many potentially catastrophic for the lives of those in our military, in our cities, in public transportation and for moderate Moslems worldwide. We may never have a reliable ally in wartime again.

While you certainly enjoy freedom of speech, there are limits. There are certain things I cannot say to you in this communication. If I choose to do so, I will suffer severe consequences. While a wild threatening rant may temporarily make me feel better, the price I might pay personally and the damage I would do to my cause make it untenable. So I limit my own free speech. Just as I am responsible for my speech, you are responsible for yours. Particularly as a man in your lofty position, your support of the enemy and defeatist position have a tangible impact on both the enemy and our troops. You have become a priceless propaganda pawn for our Islamo-Fascist enemies, right in the midst of our hallowed halls of Government. You may be able to fool yourself and peers in the beltway, but I am no fool and neither are most of my fellow Americans, despite what you apparently believe.

To make the situation even more unjust, the people who will pay the horrendous price for your misguided and dishonest position are innocent Iraqis, moderate Muslims and brave Americans. I would at least have SOME respect for you if you were among those who risk death or maiming if you are wrong. But you don't. You will continue to live the life of the pampered elite regardless of the heavy toll America and it's priceless youth pay.

Mr. Warner, with all due respect, I strenuously insist that for the good of your country, it’s military and citizens and peaceful citizens of the world, you retract your statements of this day, and humbly ask the forgiveness of all those threatened by your incredible error.

I look forward to your official response.

P.S. I am posting this on my blog so it may be a matter of public record.


Dave Mason

Tucson, Arizona USA