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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Captian Phillips On Board After Rescue!

Walid Shoebat - Bravery and Honesty Personified

Walid Shoebat - Former PLO Terrorist who speaks out for Israel

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to develop beyond the prejudices and invalid teachings of your childhood that you've continued to live as an adult. The pain of that awareness and the decision to work against those errors is one of the most difficult and traumatic in life. Most never have the courage to do it, even when given glimpses of the truth. It is just too painful and difficult. In fact most of us even more desperately grasp and defend the familiar comfort of the wrong that we've lived.

Walid Shoebat has embraced that revolutionary reality and been committed to it in spite of the very real threat of death. He is a former Islamo-Fascist PLO terrorist who has learned of the profound nature of his wrongs and is completely committed to undoing them.

It's an incredible story of true intellectual honesty, intense personal bravery and commitment to the truth. He is a little unpopular amongst his former terrorist peers, as you might imagine, but he also has many hateful detractors in America because he goes against the foolish conventional wisdom of Palestinian injustice at the hands of the Jews.

This guy makes me feel like a wimp. I hope am only half as brave and committed to what I believe is right as Mr. Shoebat. God bless 'im!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rove, "he's a serial exaggerator..."

I used to argue in support of Joe Biden. No more. He was discredited years ago for plagiarism, then made goofy statements during this last election regarding spending time with average Americans at a restaurant in Delaware that was closed decades ago.

Between Obama's Whitehouse denying the non-bow, and Biden's serial bravo sierra I have no respect for the present Administartion. It's not a political thing, it's a credibility and respect thing.

Of course the MSM will support Biden and demonize Rove with no regard for any facts. He's their guy and that's all that matters. They wonder why their credibility is in the basement...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New Techniques for Advertising Effectiveness

BK, Kia in VH1 Integrations

In these times of historically diluted media and savvy, even jaded and overly pitched audiences, advertisers are groping for more effective content, message and methods. Burger King, Kia and VH1 are partnering on a project to test some new ideas on all 3. Results are yet to be known.

I believe more transparent, personal and pertinent messages reach and motivate prospects. Humor and shock always do well with audience memory initially, but persistent pertinent personal persuasion is hard to beat. It's about facts, solutions, value, credibility and respect.

Look at Microsoft's new TV ads. They get to the nitty-gritty. Finances, convenience, value. They've learned they cannot compete with Apple in the media with Jerry Seinfeld and whatever those spots were supposed to be about.

It's all easy to write about, but VERY difficult to do. Watch this space...

The American form of government. (Video)

The Fundamentals of Effective Gov't and Personal Freedom

By today's standards this video is a bit long (16+ min.), but does a brilliant job of explaining what makes the American form of government so special. This independent, non-partisan presentation corrects a misunderstanding most Americans have about our form of government, even the most educated.

You could attend 12 years of public schools and 4 years of liberal arts education in college and not learn these basic facts, precepts and history. Should be required viewing by all 6th Graders in America. It would shortcut much of the foolishness in politics and political reporting.

If you do nothing else today - you MUST view this!