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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Here's news: Lib says Republican President is stupid...

NBC11.com - Politics - Pelosi Lashes Out At Bush

When Kerry's record is questioned it's the politics of personal destruction. When it's calling the Republican President stupid, it's just facts. When are the Dems going to realize they are sticking their own feet in their mouths. I'm not the only former lib who is seeing the light. They can't have it both ways. Just watch the tenderness with which the media treat any questions about the Democrats, and the demeaning attacking manner in which Republicans are questioned.

Today's headlines are a perfect example. If you believed them, we are failing miserably in Iraq and the economy is going down the tubes. Of course the facts contradict what the Democrats and their partners in crime, the mainstream media, disgorge daily.

If we used the same criteria to judge our effectiveness in World War II, we would have given up after we lost so many B-25's in the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. We would have convened a congressional commission, crucified everyone in the Military and the Roosevelt Administration and we'd be speaking German or Japanese right now.

We know today's military personnel are of the quality of those of the "Greatest Generation", I hope our politicians and citizens are of the same quality.

Sometimes I wonder.

We don't know who the bad guys are

9/11 relatives blast Giuliani, commission panel

While I support a commision to review the procedures for rescue on 9/11, that's not what this commission is for.

It is highly politicized and people are making the mistake of taking out thier anger and grief on our team.


It's not George Bush or Rudy Giuliani. No matter how angry you are about the election of 2000, or how much you hate Republicans, you hurt your credibilty when you claim George Bush is worse than Sadaam.

Iraqi's more secure in Second Amendment than Americans in the US

Do you realize that the US occupation forces have a policy of allowing 1 fully automatic AK-47 per household? This is an effort to allow for the cultural history and social circumstances of the native populace.

That is a felony in the US, the home of, and defender of the Constitution. The Second Amendment is proudly and even forcefully promoted in Iraq, and under nearly constant attack here in the US. The irony is staggering.

The Iragi people, some of which are the ENEMY, are allowed to have fully automatic weapons in a war zone! Our hyposrisy is absolutely overwhelming and nonsensical. A friend of mine says that liberalism may be a mental disease. If that's true, this is one of the most profound examples of that. We are insane!

Top News Article | Reuters.com

Top News Article | Reuters.com

Of course it was a wedding party. They have a custom in Irag of putting on weddings 80 miles from civilization, providing an RPG for each guest, and firing at military aircraft. How could we be so callous?

Why is it the press never questions the enemy? Perhaps the headline should be "Iraqi wedding party attendees inexplicably fire on American aircraft".

I'm tired of the negative slant on every single occurence in Iraq. We are winning a war there. As the guy says in the story, "...bad things happen in war." The point is to have as many bad things as possible happen to your enemy, and not you. Good job guys!

Monday, May 17, 2004

WMD used in Iraq...awaiting Kerry apology.

A Sarin gas explosive device, which fully qualifies as a WMD, even for the most rabid Bush hater, has been used by terrorists in Iraq. Wonder how many anti-bush liberals that have been calling Bush a liar, and worse, will now apologize. Since we've been so into apologies lately- let's hear it people!

Monday, May 03, 2004

a new tragic low in American media...

Here's a most disgusting cartoon published today by one of America's premier political cartoonists. Says much about Mr. Rall. None of it any good at all.

This cartoon is no less horrid than idiot KKK types making fun of Dr. Martin Luther Kings assassination. This guy needs to really pay the price for this. If he were standing in front of me, I'd clock him right in the mouth! I was too young to do that when the brave men and women returned from Vietnam and were taunted and abused by the Peaceniks. I can and will now.

It really hurts to know that Pat Tillman and all the other heroes died to ensure that idiots like this could publish this excrement. Makes it all the more cruel.

I respect honest political disagreement, but this is inexcusable. I hope you're proud of yourself Mr. Rall.

Ted Rall online