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Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Open Letter to Sen. John Warner

I am absolutely fuming. I hope I don't regret writing this in this state of mind. I'll let you decide...

An Open Letter to Senator John Warner of Virginia in Response to his Speech Calling for the Pullout of American Troops from Iraq.


Mr. Warner,

I generally address my public servants with great courtesy and respect, but must admit that after viewing your speech today about an Iraq pullout, I find it incredibly difficult to be restrained.

I am used to political disagreement and don't usually get too aggressive in that regard. I respect everyone’s right to be wrong. It's the nature of our beloved system of government in this greatest nation on earth.

However, I must say that I have given up all hope of having my public servants do anything but sabotage my country, and it's attempts to defend itself and our way of life. I can only hope that Congress will subpoena me so I can make my contempt for you and your peers official and a matter of public record. I would be proud!

As a former Democrat I am used to the Democrats putting political considerations above the health and survival of my family and country. Sadly, it is quite clear that political considerations have trumped the best interest of our country among the Republican party now, and I wonder if there is any hope for us.

I am shocked that you have gone back on your word and are preempting General Patraeus’ report. You are castrating the President, the General and our troops, and are desecrating the horrendous sacrifices already made by incredibly honorable, patriotic Americans in this War on Islamo-Fascism. In war you are defeated when you say you are defeated. How could you do it?!

Mr. Warner, you now have traitorous blood on your hands. This is not an academic political debate over a few billion dollars here or there with nothing more than my hard earned tax money at stake. There are historic, long-term effects. Many potentially catastrophic for the lives of those in our military, in our cities, in public transportation and for moderate Moslems worldwide. We may never have a reliable ally in wartime again.

While you certainly enjoy freedom of speech, there are limits. There are certain things I cannot say to you in this communication. If I choose to do so, I will suffer severe consequences. While a wild threatening rant may temporarily make me feel better, the price I might pay personally and the damage I would do to my cause make it untenable. So I limit my own free speech. Just as I am responsible for my speech, you are responsible for yours. Particularly as a man in your lofty position, your support of the enemy and defeatist position have a tangible impact on both the enemy and our troops. You have become a priceless propaganda pawn for our Islamo-Fascist enemies, right in the midst of our hallowed halls of Government. You may be able to fool yourself and peers in the beltway, but I am no fool and neither are most of my fellow Americans, despite what you apparently believe.

To make the situation even more unjust, the people who will pay the horrendous price for your misguided and dishonest position are innocent Iraqis, moderate Muslims and brave Americans. I would at least have SOME respect for you if you were among those who risk death or maiming if you are wrong. But you don't. You will continue to live the life of the pampered elite regardless of the heavy toll America and it's priceless youth pay.

Mr. Warner, with all due respect, I strenuously insist that for the good of your country, it’s military and citizens and peaceful citizens of the world, you retract your statements of this day, and humbly ask the forgiveness of all those threatened by your incredible error.

I look forward to your official response.

P.S. I am posting this on my blog so it may be a matter of public record.


Dave Mason

Tucson, Arizona USA